Our education programs are proudly supported in memory of John McKellen.

Harlem is the cradle of jazz culture. Our educational tours and in-gallery workshops allow participants to engage deeply with jazz history.  Re-discover the timeless lessons of creativity, vision, and collaboration jazz has to offer us today. Organizing a field trip for your college course, organization, or visiting New York City from out of town?  Join us as we explore the rich cultural and musical history of Harlem. Fill out a workshop request form today!

Workshop Menu

Oom Bop Sh’Bam  – A fun introduction to jazz for kindergarteners through 5th grade, we use improvisation, scat singing, and bebop to foster creativity, self-confidence and self-expression.

Born in Harlem – This program engages students of all ages by looking at the musical and cultural innovations that were born in Harlem during the first half of the 20th century. For our 5-8th grade groups, we explore the rich musical heritage of Harlem and provide participants with an opportunity to interact with the music while reinforcing literacy, and self-confidence. 9th-12th grade groups discuss civil rights, jazz, and creativity.

The Blues, Mastery and Creative Collaboration – This three-part series delves deep into the local to global influence of the blues as idea and music, while demonstrating how jazz balances aspiration for personal mastery with the high imperative of group collaboration.Part I focuses on the blues, part II on individual mastery, and part III on interactive teamwork in jazz as principle and practice.  While learning the styles and innovators of 20th century jazz, series participants will learn to sing and scat on the blues and classic tunes of the American Songbook. Presentation conducted by jazz writer, curator and producer Greg Thomas. *$10 per person each session. 

Jazz Battles – A major part of jazz lore and mystique, the jam session tradition is where artists sharpened their swords of battle and dared to challenge the greats. “Antagonistic cooperation,” a favorite phrase of blues and jazz gurus Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray, captures the intent of jazz battles: inspiring artists to up their game and ability through good natured competition in the spirit of cooperation for the sake of the audience and the music. Presentation conducted by jazz writer, curator and producer Greg Thomas.


  • $10 museum admission per person
  • $35 booking fee
  • Payment must be received in full 5 days before your reservation.
  • Are you a Title I School? Alternative pricing is available.
  • We accept credit, debit, and checks
  • Need to cancel? Refunds available 3 days before your reservation.

Boost your Workshop

Live Boost – Jazz is all about live music, consider boosting your group’s workshop with an additional 30 minute musical demonstration to conclude your visit! $500

Artistic Boost – Get insider access with Artistic Director Loren Schoenberg, Associate Artistic Director Christian McBride or Artistic Director At-Large Jonathan Batiste. These very special host options are based on availability, therefore please allow for 3 months advance booking. $700

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