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The Amazing Nina Simone

Nina Simone was beyond category in her music, life and now legacy.  In the new documentary film, The Amazing Nina Simone, Director Jeff L. Lieberman spoke to over 50 of Nina’s friends to understand the complex musician.  Lieberman will share thoughts, clips and be joined in discussion by Nina’s longtime percussionist Leopoldo Fleming and her bassist Lisle Atkinson.

$10.00 Suggested Donation

Series Description
Beyond Category

Ellington fought all his life against labels imposed on his music. His highest superlative was to call something “beyond category.” In our Vibrations exhibit, the Museum highlights several individuals who, like Duke Ellington, defy categorization. Inspired by the vibrations set in motion by Ellington and others, this series examines those musicians whose music resists labels and speaks to current generations while honoring the legacy of previous generations.
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