Past Event

Bill Frisell, Desert Island Discs, National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Bill Frisell

We’ve asked guitar icon Bill Frisell to do the impossible—narrow down the vast range of jazz, rock, blues, and country recordings he loves into a slender list of 8 mind-blowing, life-altering discs. Join us when Frisell joins host Ted Panken to share the music he just can’t live without.

Bill Frisell’s
latest albums as a leader (When You Wish Upon A Star and Guitar In The Space Age!) and co-leader (Small Town, with bassist Thomas Morgan) add further luster to a four-decade career marked by his unique admixture of American vernaculars—jazz, blues, rock and country—into a singular argot. A 66-year-old master of space and texture and implication, he remains, as his long-time bassist Tony Scherr once put it, “constantly open to anything he hears.”