Past Event

Bill Savory the Innovator, with Susan Schmidt-Horning

Bill Savory's shadow falls on many aspects of America's cultural history. Much has been made of the recordings he made off the air (the Museum's fabled Savory Collection), but he was also an innovator in the way recordings were made in the studio. Above all, he was a creative thinker, and it's that aspect of Savory's life that Susan Schmidt-Horning has addressed in her new book Chasing Sound. Schmidt Horning is the only historian who was granted extensive interviews with William Savory. It was a fascinating evening dedicated the untold story behind this one-of-a-kind American genius.

"Chasing Sound is a rich account of the development of recording studio technology and musical culture. It offers captivating new material and is a valuable contribution to scholarship in sound studies." —Emily Thompson, Princeton University

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