Past Event

Bruce Lundvall, Producer

(Photo by Richard Conde)

Record producer Bruce Lundvall, 74, has let go of much of the day-to-day operations of a record label. But his love for the music and the excitement of finding new talent remain unabated. He began working 50 years ago in the marketing department of Columbia Records. Today, as Ashley Kahn put it in the Wall Street Journal, he is "shifting to a part-time position with a permanent honorific," as Chairman Emeritus of Blue Note Records, the iconic label he captained for a quarter century. Before those years, he helmed the Elektra/Musician imprint of Warner Brothers, and for a time ran Manhattan Records. But this dapper, elegant gentleman may best be remembered and beloved for reinvigorating a brand in the jazz world unlike that of any other record label. His selectivity in choosing artists, his life even before he entered the record business, and anecdotes galore on the treasure house of artists with whom he's worked, was all fair game , in conversation with a man wise enough to appreciate the past glories of the record business while he grapples with the onslaught of the digital download. The Business and artist development sides of jazz are rarely discussed publically; tonight was a rare exception.