Past Event

Duke’s Keys, Marc Cary Explores

Music, dance, fellowship, and good times go hand in hand when Marc Cary’s at the piano. That loose, anything-goes spirit comes from the music itself – from Duke, Fats and others who created joyous community through jazz. Here, Cary summons that free-flowing camaraderie with a rare performance on Duke’s own piano, playing Ellington’s music and composing new music on the fly.

Meet the Artist:
Marc Cary  has become known as one of the most original jazz pianists in New York. A man of eclectic tastes, Cary has a strong post-bop foundation but has also explored Afro-Cuban rhythms, electronic groove music, hip-hop and other directions with his various ensembles. Upon arriving in New York, Cary was taken under the wing of Mickey Bass and Beaver Harris. His first big-time gigs came in the early ’90s with Arthur Taylor, Betty Carter, and Roy Hargrove. In 1994, he became Abbey Lincoln’s pianist and arranger to whom he dedicated a recent album on the Motema label.

In pondering his future in the music, he reflects: “I used to ride motorcycles. There’s a point where you are at the mercy of the bike – you jump over something, you’re in the air, you don’t know what’s going to happen. But you enjoy the whole thing without anticipating. You just react to it. I will have accomplished my goal as a musician, to this point, if I can reach that.”