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History, Mystery and Modernism with David Virelles and Román Díaz

Pianist and composer David Virelles mines traditions of his native Santiago, Cuba, while using his current home in Brooklyn as a base for some of New York’s most striking and progressive music. Since coming to the U.S. in 1999, master percussionist, scholar and composer Román Díaz has been a mentor to many musicians, key player in several ensembles and spiritual guide to wide-ranging scene. Virelles and Díaz will discuss and demonstrate how musicology, mysticism and Cuban Culture combine in their music.

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Series Description
Afro-Cuban Beat

While covering New York’s jazz scene for the Wall Street Journal and other publications, Larry Blumenfeld’s working beat increasingly focuses on Afro-Cuban rhythms and traditions, often as expressed in unexpected ways. Through conversations and listening sessions with some of New York’s prominent jazz innovators, Blumenfeld (whose previous museum programs focused on New Orleans) will explore how Cuban musicians have developed their voices in New York City, how musicians raised here have been drawn to Cuban traditions, and how a rich legacy of cross-cultural collaboration has flowered anew.  See the full series schedule here.