Past Event

Jazz and Social Justice Session 5: Marc Ribot – Songs of Resistance

Can a song make a difference? “Every movement which has ever won anything has had songs,” says guitarist Marc Ribot. His new project, “Goodbye Beautiful/Songs of Resistance, 1948-2018,” is a response to this moment’s threatening politics. It also presents historical context and addresses the diminishing role that music has played within contemporary political action.

For this event, Ribot will sing the original songs of resistance he was moved to write recently, and ones drawn from the World War II anti-Fascist Italian partisans, the U.S. civil rights movement, and Mexican protest ballads, joined by saxophonist Jay Rodriguez. Following the music, host Larry Blumenfeld will moderate a discussion with Ribot, Alvin Eng (playwright; member, Rise and Resist) and other artists and activists about how songs stimulate change and contemporary activism works.

About the Artist

During the past four decades, through 25 albums, Ribot has emerged as a rare and distinct musical voice, whose vision spans jazz, Cuban, avant-garde and other traditions, and a key collaborator for the likes of Tom Waits and Elvis Costello. He has also been an outspoken activist/community organizer in a number of causes, from affordable housing to musicians’ rights in the digital age.


Jazz and Social Justice: A Salon with Music
This ongoing series connects the music we love with the social issues that matter to us all. Each salon blends live performance with conversation between artists, activists, and experts. Curated and hosted by journalist Larry Blumenfeld, whose previous NJMIH programs discussed Afro-Cuban influence and HBO “Treme.”