Past Event

Vol. 10: Meeting the Moment with Vijay Iyer, Tomeka Reid & Shana L. Redmond

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What is the role of the artist in moments of widespread crisis and revolutionary change?

For this virtual edition of the “Jazz and Social Justice” series, pianist Vijay Iyer, cellist Tomeda Reid and Dr. Shana L. Redmond (Professor of Musicology and African American Studies, UCLA) will join in a discussion with series host and journalist Larry Blumenfeld about the ways in which artists have responded to moments like these, historically and now, and how culture addresses, supports and even drives real change.

Jazz and Social Justice:

This ongoing series connects the music we love with the social issues that matter to us all. Each salon blends live performance with conversation between artists, activists, and experts. Curated and hosted by journalist Larry Blumenfeld, whose previous NJMIH programs discussed Afro-Cuban influence and contemporary New Orleans.