Past Event

Kansas City Comes to Harlem: An Evening with Stanley Crouch and Charlie Parker

Cultural critic, drummer, and MacArthur Genius Award recipient Stanley Crouch has been one of the most outspoken, influential and challenging presences in American culture for over 30 years. His books, essays, newspaper/magazine articles have inspired impassioned discussion and exerted an immense influence, particularly in the sphere of jazz.

Crouch's three-decades plus opus on Charlie Parker has been a legendary work-in-progress until now, and we were honored to present an evening with Mr. Crouch as he shared the historic publication of this major work - Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker - of Americana with NJMH and our extended family (that's YOU!).

It was truly an evening to remember.

"With the straight-ahead timing and the ethereal blowing of a great jazzman, Crouch delivers a scorching set in this first of two volumes of his biography of Charlie "Yardbird" Parker, capturing the downbeats and the up-tempo moments of the great saxophonist's life and music." -Publishers Weekly July 29, 2013