Past Event

Louis Armstrong House Museum Curatorial Fellows Presentation

Join the Louis Armstrong House Museum Curatorial Fellows as they present on Armstrong-related topics for the culmination of their year-long Fellowship. Deja Patterson (Tougaloo, 2017) will present on Louis Armstrong and Colorism, drawing heavily from contemporaneous Ebony magazines and Armstrong’s own essay “Why I Like Dark Women.” Jayson Overby (Morehouse, 2017) will speak about Armstrong’s collage work, focusing primarily on the collages Armstrong created to decorate his personal collection of reel-to-reel tape boxes. He will discuss the collages as a small aspect of art making in the Black community and illustrate links to the Dada artistic movement.

At the end of the presentation, Research Collections Manager, Sarah Rose, will give a brief show-and-tell of LAHM’s new online digital collections website. LAHM is nearing the end of a comprehensive digitization project and the new website will be the hub of all things Pops! Come enjoy an evening of Pops scholarship and congratulate Deja and Jayson!