Past Event

Maitreya Padukone, tabla

International Jazz Discussion and Live Music Series

For our last Jazz For Curious Listeners discussion and live music series we are happy to have tabla virtuoso Maitreya Padukone. Maitreya Padukone was inspired and initiated in the art of Tabla ( Indian Drums) by Pandit Nikhil Ghosh.He has accompanied Indian musician, Steve Gorn, Ustad Sultan Khan, Dr. Rajiv Taranath among many others. He is co-founder of Raga Music Circle that organizes Indian Music concerts for the last 15 years. He is also a Dental consultant to Jazz Foundation of America and provides pro bono dental treatment to struggling musicians. His recent collaboration with “Cosmasomatics”resulted in the album “Jazz Maalika”, a fusion of music inspired by John Coltrane and Pandit Ravi Shankar, available at Maitreya will be joined by jazz clarinetist and multi-woodwind player Michael Marcus.