Past Event

Sunny Jain & Matt Moran

Sunny Jain, Red Baraat
Matt Moran, Slavic Soul Party!

Parallax: noun- The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.

To take a new look at the New Orleans second-line tradition and its NYC incarnations, this Parallax Conversation featured Sunny Jain and Matt Moran, leaders of New York City’s brass band heavy hitters. Red Baraat is an eight-piece bhangra, funk, jazz, go-go, hip-hop riot, and Slavic Soul Party!, is a fiery Balkan brass, jazz and Gypsy mash-up. These two groups represent the breed of second-lines that could only have been born in the global hub that is NYC. It was a lively evening as we discussed what exactly is in the air and soil here that nurtures some of the world’s most delicious brass music.

Bandleader and dhol drummer, Sunny Jain was voted a Rising Star percussionist in the 2012 and 2011 Downbeat magazine critics poll. His musical journey led him to founding Red Baraat in September 2008, culling together his experience seeing an Indian marching band in the streets of Delhi, India and the kaleidoscope of sounds striking him in New York City. Village Voice has hailed Red Baraat has as a “fiery blend of raucous Indian bhangra and funky New Orleans brass” and reviewed their debut album as “an unstoppable blend of Bollywood hijacks and funk freakier than anything Madlib picked up on his trip to India."

Matt Moran, a drummer and vibraphonist based in Brooklyn, is a fervent believer in the transcendent power of brass bands.  He leads the 9-piece BalkanSoul GypsyFunk brass band Slavic Soul Party! from the goç (Balkan Roma bass drum), plays tenor horn in Veveritse Brass Band, and travels to New Orleans for Mardi Gras parades with Panorama Brass Band most carnival seasons.  Slavic Soul Party! is a nine-piece acoustic mash-up of Balkan and Gypsy sounds with North American music, weaving the gospel, funk, dub, jazz, and Latin influences of New York’s neighborhoods seamlessly into a Balkan brass setting and always "delivering a great time." (New York Times) Catch them every Tuesday night in Brooklyn at Barbes.