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The Evolution of the Jazz Mandolin

Part 3: “The Mandolins are coming! The Roaring 20's to the Big War"

While choro music was becoming the rage in Brazil, Dave Apollon, a Russian immigrant and mandolin virtuoso, was carving out a major place for himself and the mandolin in the emerging world of jazz. In the third segment of the jazz mandolin series, we discussed the explosion of mandolin playing and the development of mandolin groups in the teens and 1920's. The growing popularity of the instrument led the Gibson musical instrument company to launch a marketing campaign to sell the instrument and produce a family of instruments paralleling those in the violin family, with mandolin, mandola, mando cello, and mando bass. The session featured live performances of tunes appropriate to the period with Tim Porter on mandolin, Joe Selly on guitar and Santi Debriano on bass.