Past Event

Urban Design, Jazz and Creativity

Series Host: Tim Porter

In this four-part program with music and visual illustrations, Tim Porter on mandolin will be joined by guitarist Joe Selly and bassist Don Byron. The group will explore concepts, principles and elements common to both the design of physical objects, like the architecture of Mies van der Rohe, and the structure of music such as that of Miles Davis. With its principal musical focus on jazz, the program will examine how elements such as space, time, color, contrast, texture, shape, motion, proportionality and perspective are similarly conveyed, and how artistic and historical periods influence similar aesthetic expressions in diverse fields.

Urban Design, Jazz and Creativity 
Concert and Conversation
$10.00 Suggested Donation

Explore the role of the physical environment, including housing patterns, in the creation of music. Learn how building designs in early and mid-20th century Harlem inspired Duke Ellington’s “Harlem Airshaft” and discover how New Orleans’ “crazy quilt settlement” patterns enabled cultural transfer and creativity. Examine the interaction of music with varying spaces.