Jazz Museum and Children’s Museum Collaboration Featured in the New York Times

March 3, 2014

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem’s upcoming exhibit in partnership with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is the subject of the recent NYTimes ArtsBeat piece, “Children’s Museum to Showcase Harlem’s Role in Jazz.” “Jazzed! The Changing Beat of 125th Street” will focus on the key figures of the Harlem Renaissance and feature a jazz club, ballroom and theatre as well as countless hands-on art and music making activities. Most of all, the exhibit will be pulsing continuously with live jazz music.

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“Jazz is truly a New York City story and we’re honored to be partnering with the National Jazz Museum in Harlem to introduce children to this multifaceted musical genre, many perhaps for the first time…The exhibit will provide a unique opportunity for families to learn about this vital period in our city’s cultural history, develop music literacy, and interact with local jazz musicians, artists and dancers.”

-Andrew Ackerman, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan