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This is a partial listing of past events at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Abdul-Jabar, Kareem 
Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Harlem Speaks, 12/21/2006 (Video)

Akiyoshi, Toshiko
Toshiko Akiyoshi, Harlem Speaks, 3/12/2009 (Audio)

Allen, Geri
Geri Allen, Harlem Speaks, 2/20/2008 (Audio)

Anderson, Sheila
Sheila Anderson, Jazz For Curious Readers, 1/4/2010 (Audio)

Artin, Tom
Polymaths: Tom Artin, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/11/2013 (Audio)

Bandy Greg
Greg Bandy, Drummer Harlem Speaks, 7/10/2008 (Audio)

Batiste Jonathan
Jonathan Batiste Trio, Jazz for Curious Listeners, 10/9/2007 (Video)

Berger Ed
Ed Berger Author Of Books On Benny Carter And George Duvivie, Jazz For Curious Readers, 1/17/2011 (Audio)

Berklee College of Music
Ray Charles: Genius & Soul — Big Band Classics with Quincy Jones and Basie, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 9/25/2012 (Audio)

Berklee College of Music
Ray Charles: Soul Brothers, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 9/18/2012 (Audio)

Berklee College of Music
Ray Charles: Genius & Soul — The Trio and Early Band Years, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 9/4/2012 (Audio)

Blake, Ron
Ron Blake, Harlem Speaks, 2/21/2008 (Audio)

Blumenfeld, Larry
Tuning into Tremé: Secrets of Congo Square, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/7/2011 (Audio)

Blumenfeld, Larry
Tuning in to Tremé: Big Chiefs and Second Lines, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 5/4/2010 (Audio)

Boyd, Herb
Herb Boyd, Harlem Speaks, 7/25/2005 (Transcript)

Brown III, Otis
Rhythm is Our Business: The Drummers, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 12/7/2010 (Audio)

Chilton, Karen
Karen Chilton, Jazz For Curious Readers, 4/6/2009 (Audio)

Cobb, Jimmy
Jimmy Cobb, Drummer Harlem Speaks, 5/29/2008 (Audio)

Cohen, Anat
Jazz Around the World: Israel, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 4/16/2012 (Audio)

Crouch, Stanley; Morgenstern, Dan; Gitler, Ira; Iverson, Ethan; Porter, Lewis; Newsome, Sam
Lester Young Day: Afternoon of a Basie-ite, Saturday Panels, 10/22/2011 (Audio)

Crouch, Stanley; Moehn, Frederick
The Unfinished Emancipation: Jazz and Freedom, Saturday Panels, 4/25/2009 (Audio)

Crouch, Stanley
Stanley Crouch, Jazz For Curious Readers, 1/5/2009 (Audio)

Crow, Bill; Ridley, Larry: Joyce, Melba; Cary, Marc; Felder Marion
It Comes With The Territory: The Business Of Touring Saturday Panels, 1/31/2009 (Audio)

Crow, Bill
LAUGHING THROUGH A LIFE IN JAZZ: With Bassist Bill Crow, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 8/30/2011 (Audio)

Crow, Bill
LAUGHING THROUGH A LIFE IN JAZZ: With Bassist Bill Crow, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 8/16/2011 (Audio)

Crow, Bill
LAUGHING THROUGH A LIFE IN JAZZ: With Bassist Bill Crow Jazz For Curious Listeners, 8/9/2011 (Audio)

Cyrille, Andrew
Andrew Cyrille, Drummer/Educator Harlem Speaks, 12/11/2008 (Audio)

Devlin, Paul; Crouch Stanley Carvin Michael
Jo Jones at 100, Saturday Panels, 12/3/2011 (Audio)

Devlin, Paul; Katz Dick Felder Marion Powell Benny
Jo Jones: The Man Who Played Like The Wind, Saturday Panels, 8/29/2009 (Audio)

DiCioccio, Justin
Justin DiCioccio, Drummer/Educator, Harlem Speaks, 11/20/2008 (Audio)

O’Meally, Robert
The Musical World of Ralph Ellison – Lester Young — Special Guest: Dr. Robert O’Meally, Columbia University, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/12/2012 (Audio)

Ellington, Mercedes
Mercedes Ellington, Harlem Speaks, 5/29/2005 (Transcript)

Ellis, Raydar
5 Classic Albums: Common: Like Water for Chocolate, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/30/2009 (Audio)

Friedman, Carol
Carol Friedman, Photographer, Jazz For Curious Readers, 5/4/2009 (Audio)

Giddins, Gary
Gary Giddins, Jazz For Curious Readers, 2/11/2008 (Audio + Transcript)

Gitler, Ira
Ira Gitler, Jazz For Curious Readers, 4/14/2008 (Audio)

Griffin, Farah Jasmine
Farah Jasmine Griffin, Jazz For Curious Readers, 1/7/2008 (Audio)

Hamilton, Rhonda
Rhonda Hamilton, Jazz Broadcaster WBGO, Harlem Speaks, 10/16/2008 (Audio)

Hamilton, Chico
Chico Hamilton, Harlem Speaks, 9/25/2008 (Audio)

Haynes, Roy
Roy Haynes, Harlem Speaks, 4/6/2005 (Transcript)

Hillel, Edward; Diggs, Isaac
Harlem Visions, Saturday Panels, 11/21/2009 (Video)

Humphrey, Bobbi
Bobbi Humphrey, Harlem Speaks, 3/16/2006 (Video)

Jacobs, Phoebe
Phoebe Jacobs, Jazz Advocate, Harlem Speaks, 3/26/2009 (Audio)

Jain, Sunny
Jazz Around The World — Asia, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 10/2/2012 (Audio)

Johnson, Howard
An evening with Howard Johnson: A Life in Music, Jazz in the Parks,  9/26/2007 (Video)

Johnson, Howard
Howard Johnson, Harlem Speaks, 2/9/2006 (Video)

Katz, Dick
Dick Katz, Pianist, Harlem Speaks, 8/7/2008 (Audio)

Kemp, Emme
Emme Kemp, Pianist and Vocalist, Harlem Speaks, 6/28/2008 (Audio)

Kimbrough, Frank
Pianists Deserving Wider Recognition: Andrew Hill, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 12/9/2008 (Audio)

Kirk, Dorthann
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 9/22/2009 (Audio)

Konitz, Lee
Lee Konitz, Harlem Speaks, 5/8/2008 (Audio)

Lewis, George
George Lewis, Director, Columbia Univ. Center For Jazz Studies, Jazz For Curious Readers, 12/8/2008 (Audio)

Locke, Eddie
Eddie Locke, Harlem Speaks, 12/7/2006 (Transcript)

Lubovitch, Lar
Lar Lubovitch and His Jazz Works, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 1/12/2010 (Audio + Video)

Lubovitch, Lar
Rhythm: A discussion with Lar Lubovitch, Dr. Billy Taylor, and other guests, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 1/19/2010 (Audio)

Martino, Pat
Pat Martino, Guitarist, Harlem Speaks, 1/8/2009 (Video)

McBride, Christian
Christian McBride, Jazz for Curious Listeners, 3/2/2007 (Video)

McBride, Christian; Schoenberg, Loren
What Makes it Tick? Five Classic Albums (Kind of Blue), Jazz For Curious Listeners, 9/9/2008 (Audio)

McBride, Christian
A Month with Christian McBride: Philly – The Brotherly Ones, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 12/27/2011 (Audio)

McBride, Christian
A Month with Christian McBride: Detroit – Motor City Soul, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 12/20/2011 (Audio)

McBride, Christian
The Big Beat: Art Blakey: Alumni Reunion, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 3/16/2010 (Audio)

McBride, Christian
Christian McBride Hosts: My Musical Heroes, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 1/18/2011 (Audio)

McBride, Christian
Christian McBride Hosts: My Musical Heroes, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 1/4/2011 (Audio)

McLawler, Sarah
Sarah McLawler, Harlem Speaks, 3/30/2006 (Video)

Morgenstern, Dan
Dan Morgenstern, Harlem Speaks, 5/7/2015 (Audio)

Murdock, Jacquie 
Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, Harlem Speaks, 7/15/2004 (Video)

Murdock, Jacquie
Tajah Memories of the Apollo Theater and Savoy Ballroom, Jazz in the Parks, 1/11/2008 (Video)

Napoleon, Marty
Marty Napoleon, Pianist, Harlem Speaks, 5/7/2009 (Audio)

Nechustan, Alon
Alon Nechustan, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 7/30/2013 (Audio)

Nemr, Andrew; Sissoko, Yacouba
Andrew Nemr and Yacouba Sissoko, Parallax Conversation Series, 5/28/2013 (Audio)

Nussbaum, Adam
Rhythm is Our Business: The Drummers, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 12/21/2010 (Audio)

O’Brien, Peter
Father Peter O’Brien, Harlem Speaks, 3/6/2008 (Audio)

O’Brien, Peter
Ethel Waters: His Eye Is On The Sparrow, a celebration, Jazz For Curious Readers, 3/7/2011 (Audio)

O’Meally, Robert G.
James Baldwin: Harlem’s Own, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 2/10/2015 (Audio)

O’Neal, Hank
Hank O’Neal, Author/Producer, Harlem Speaks, 11/13/2008 (Audio)

Olugebefola, Ademola
Polymaths: ADEMOLA OLUGEBEFOLA, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/4/2013 (Audio)

Oxenhorn, Wendy
Wendy Oxenhorn, Harlem Speaks, 2/26/2009 (Audio)

Panken, Ted
Ted Panken, Jazz For Curious Readers, 9/14/2009 (Audio)

Ponomarev, Valery; Schnitter, David; Jackson, Javon
Orgy in Rhythm: An in-depth look and listen to Art Blakey, Saturday Panels, 3/13/2010 (Audio)

Ratliff, Ben
Ben Ratliff, Jazz For Curious Readers, 5/12/2008 (Audio)

Riccardi, Ricky
Louis Armstrong: Discussion led by Ricky Riccardi, Saturday Panels, 1/7/2012 (Audio)

Riccardi, Ricky
The Joint is Jumpin’: Fats Waller: The Pianist, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 4/13/2010 (Audio)

Rivers, Voza
Voza Rivers, Harlem Speaks, 4/24/2008 (Audio)

Robeson Jr., Paul
Paul Robeson, Jr., Harlem Speaks, 2/23/2006 (Video)

Sanabria, Bobby
Latin Music U.S.A., Saturday Panels, 9/26/2009 (Audio)

Sandke, Randy: Porter, Lewis
In A Mist: Crises of Legitimacy, Saturday Panels, 2/28/2009 (Audio)

Scheuer, Jonathan; Sisco, Marideth
Missouri on My Mind: An American Legacy, Saturday Panels, 7/2/2011 (Audio)

Schoenberg, Loren; Orgill, Roxane; Powell, Benny
Panel Discussion: Count Basie’s New York, Special Event, 5/31/2008 (Audio)

Schoenberg, Loren
New Artists You Should Know About: Grace Kelly, Jazz for Curious Listeners, 7/29/2008 (Audio + Video)

Schoenberg, Loren; Hunter Andy
Jazz Around the World: Asia, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 10/7/2008 (Audio)

Schoenberg, Loren
The Musical World of Ralph Ellison – Minton’s Playhouse, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/26/2012 (Audio)

Schoenberg, Loren; DeVeaux, Scott; Scheuer, Jonathan; Jacoby, Oren
Jammin’ the Blues: A Look at Jazz and Cinema Saturday Panels 2/27/2010 (Audio)

Schoenberg, Loren; Thomas, Gred
The Musical World of Ralph Ellison – Jimmy Rushing and The Blue Devils — Hosts: Loren Schoenberg and Greg Thomas, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/5/2012 (Audio)

Shumays, Sami Abu
Sami Abu Shumays, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 7/16/2013 (Audio)

Sissoko-Kora, YaCouba

Jazz Around the World — Africa, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 10/9/2012 (Audio)

Sprouse, Mario

Polymaths: Mario Sprouse on Gordon Parks, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/25/2013 (Audio)

Tate, Grady
Grady Tate, Harlem Speaks, 3/24/2005 (Transcript)

Taylor, Billy
A Celebration of Dr. Billy Taylor, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 8/26/2008 (Video)

Teachout, Terry
Terry Teachout, Jazz For Curious Readers, 3/8/2010 (Audio)

Terry, Clark
Clark Terry, Harlem Speaks, 12/1/2005 (Video)

Thomas, Greg
The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword: Jazz Journalists in Conversation with Musician/Writers, Saturday Panels, 7/25/2009 (Audio)

Villa, Sara
Jack Kerouac: What’s New?, Saturday Panels, 12/19/2009 (Audio)

Walker, Gary
Gary Walker, Harlem Speaks, 1/17/2008 (Audio)

Walton, Cedar
Cedar Walton, Pianist, Harlem Speaks, 9/11/2008 (Audio)

Washington, Salim
Salim Washington, Jazz For Curious Readers, 4/5/2010 (Audio)

Washington, Kenny
Kenny Washington–Remembering Max Roach Pt. 1, Jazz for Curious Listeners, 9/11/2007 (Video)

Weeks, Todd Bryant
Todd Bryant Weeks, Jazz For Curious Readers, 2/1/2010 (Audio)

Wein, George; Hentoff, Nat
We Remember Frankie Newton and Pee Wee Russell, Saturday Panels, 3/28/2009 (Audio)

Wein, George
George Wein, Jazz Festival Impresario, Harlem Speaks, 6/12/2008 (Audio)

Weston, Randy
Randy Weston, Pianist, Harlem Speaks, 4/16/2009 (Audio)

Wilder, Joe
A Day With NEA Jazz Master Joe Wilder, Saturday Panels, 2/19/2011 (Audio)

Wilder, Joe
Joe Wilder, Harlem Speaks, 7/1/2004 (Video)

Workman, Reggie
Reggie Workman, Harlem Speaks, 1/25/2007 (Video)

Special Event

Jazz Museum in Harlem All Stars Celebrate the Planting of the New Tree of Hope, 6/23/2007 (Video)

Special Event
4th Annual Arts & Networking Celebration, 8/18/2007 (Video)

Special Event

Urban Assembly, 9/6/2007 (Video)

Special Event

New Orleans’s Hot 8, 11/27/2007 (Video)
The World of Norman Granz on Film Saturday Panels 2/11/2012 (Audio)
Jazz in Harlem: A Magical Legacy, Jazz in the Parks, 9/12/2007 (Video)
The Genius of Ellington – The Extended Works, Jazz for Curious Listeners, 2/19/2008 (Audio)
Jazz and Poetry: Langston Hughes’s recordings with Charles Mingus, Jazz for Curious Listeners, 3/4/2008 (Audio)
The Musical World of Ralph Ellison – Charlie Christian, Jazz For Curious Listeners, 6/19/2012 (Audio)