Today In Jazz

Happy Birthday Roy Haynes!

March 13

Drummer Roy Haynes was born on this day in 1926 in Roxbury, MA.
An innovator, a bandleader, a true jazz giant with one of the youngest spirits turns 88 today – the magical Roy Haynes.
Heard just a few nights ago at Birdland, Haynes played with the same effervescence that led Lester Young to hire him in 1947. Ever since then, Roy Haynes has found a never-ending stream of new ways to swing, to challenge, and to impart his wisdom to both audiences and fellow musicians.
He truly is a marvel and if this country had any sense, he’d be receiving awards and grants and kudos from every direction. This is not to say he is underappreciated amongst musicians and the jazz world, but that the country at large needs to know that a true giant still walks among us.

We’re lucky to live at the same time as Roy Haynes!