Today In Jazz

Happy Birthday Russell Malone!

November 8

For more than 25 years, guitarist Russell Malone has been on an ascending curve of creativity and popularity. He’s a walking encyclopedia of jazz guitar history (and many other topics as well), the possessor of an outrageous sense of humor, and a brilliant and virtuosic improviser.
Malone duets with another great guitarist, Romero Lubambo here:
Malone and Lubambo backed vocalist Dianne Reeves for quite some time, and to see them, just three great musicians on a large stage, tame and mesmerize audiences in huge venues, was a magical experience.
Here is an entire concert, the same one from which the opening selection was taken:

No one can tell Russell Malone’s story better than he can. This long interview captures his personality in full – it’s a joy:

We’re proud that Russell Malone has done educational events and concerts for the NJMH.
Here’s wishing him the best year as he turns 50 today.