Today In Jazz

Recording Super-Anniversary!

December 7

Today is a day that carries a lot of historical baggage but it was also a day that through the years saw many great jazz recordings made, so please join us for a review of just a handful of the wonderful sounds that have an anniversary today.

The first one, from 1925, includes a bass saxophone chorus by Coleman Hawkins!

This Ben Pollack side from 1927 starts with hot clarinet from the 18 year old Benny Goodman

We jump 10 years and over the ocean to Paris to the Quintet Of The Hot Club of France featuring Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli

In 1951, Duke Ellington was in Columbia Records’ New York studios documenting one of his greatest compositions, A Tone Parallel to Harlem. It starts with trumpeter Ray Nance saying “Harlem” on his trumpet

Drummer Max Roach and bassist Art Davis backed pianist Hasaan Ibn Ali on this day in 1964 for Hasaan’s only recording session. He certuanly had his own sound.

Listen to this surprising recording by Don Cherry from 1976! He was looking for a hit.

Let’s see if someone records something great today! We’ll get back to you next year.