Today In Jazz

The All-American Rhythm Section play “The Dirty Dozens”

November 9

One of the most delightful sounds ever in the history of jazz is that of what was known as the All-American Rhythm Section.
Four men breathing the beat as one.
Listen to Count Basie, Freddie Green, Walter Page and Jo Jones on this date in 1938 playing “The Dirty Dozens”:

The bassist Walter Page had the concept that the Basie band became famous for; Basie had played in Page’s band back in the 20’s. The idea was simple but hard to pull off. Guitar and bass blending as one, propelled by the drums which had to play quietly enough so they could be heard but strong enough to swing. The piano was there for ornament.
Here they are on the same day again, albeit played from a scratchy 78, doing the Boogie Woogie:

This kind of music is worth listening to every day!