Today In Jazz

The Bridge

February 14

Few albums have attained the classic status that Sonny Rollins’ THE BRIDGE has since the day, 54 years ago, when he recorded the title track.

Jazz is sometimes said to be the perfect merging of improvisation and composition – at its best, jazz can sound at once totally spontaneous and composed at the same time.

The quartet that Sonny Rollins created in late 1961 was even greater than the sum of its component parts, which were considerable. Guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Bob Cranhaw, drummers G.T. Hogan and Ben Riley joined with the leader to make some of the most perfectly formed jazz of the era, and through their classic album THE BRIDGE, they continue to influence musicians and create joy for listeners = it’s by no means an exaggeration to say that someone, somewhere in the world is listening to it day and day out.