Unsung Ella!

April 25, 2017

Is there anything left to discover about the First Lady of Song? Oh yes!

To help us celebrate Ella at 100, we asked some of our favorite singers to share their favorite “Unsung Ella” recordings, lesser-known tracks that hold a space dear to their hearts. We’re delighted by the music they shared and hope you’ll enjoy some new discoveries. Better still? Visit us on Facebook or Apple Music to share your own Unsung Ella favorites.

Big thanks to the ladies of Duchess Trio (Amy Cervini, Hillary Gardner, and Melissa Stylianou), Dee Dee Bridgwater, Michael Mwenso, and Alicia Olatuja for introducing us to some great songs that we never knew! (See their picks listed below.)

Unsung Ella Picks:

  1. Dee Dee Bridgwater: “I Want the Waiter (With the Water)”
    “A song my mother loved while pregnant with me.”
  2. Amy Cervini: “Down Hearted Blues”
  3. Alicia Olatuja: “Trouble in Mind”
    “While this may not be a lesser known Ella tune, it surely is not included on any of her greatest hits that I have and I LOVE IT!!! She slays it. Gospel style.”
  4. Hillary Gardner: “Hey Jude”
  5. Melissa Stylianou: “Ol’ Man Mose”
  6. Michael Mwenso: “All My Life”
  7. Loren Schoenberg: “Dream a Little Dream of Me”
  8. Nat Jazz Staff: “Stone Cold Dead In the Market”