Past Event

ImproviNation: An Evening with OneBeat on Freestyling Across the Globe and Around the Block

Here at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem we are passionate about illuminating the threads between jazz and other musics from around the world. This evening we are honored to host members of OneBeat for an evening of live music and discussion on cross-cultural collaboration, cultural diplomacy and what the philosophy behind jazz can teach us about getting along.
OneBeat is a music-based diplomacy program created by Found Sound Nation in partnership with the US State Department that brings musicians from dozens of countries to the United States to encourage cross-cultural collaboration and understanding. OneBeat 2013 features musicians from 16 countries and 6 continents, and a mind-boggling diversity of genres: Arabic hip hop, Cambodian classical music, Kenyan indie-rock, Chinese punk, to name a few It was an intimate and stimulating evening with a selection of OneBeat 2013 fellows and alumni. For more information on OneBeat visit: