Past Event

Joe Lovano

Our guest for the second Desert Island Disks event of 2019-2020 (its fifth season) is tenor saxophone master Joe Lovano, whose two most recent albums (Trio Tapestry and Roma, both on ECM) are fully consistent with his ongoing predisposition throughout a 26-year, 25-album run on his previous label, Blue Note, to draw inspiration from the full complement of styles that comprise the jazz timeline—playing them convincingly while alchemizing them into his unmistakable sonic identity. An erudite and encyclopedic student of the lineage, Lovano will delight us with the songs he’d choose to live with on the proverbial desert island.

In the fall of 2015, the National Jazz Museum in Harlem debuted its version of Desert Island Discs. It’s modeled on an iconic BBC radio show, extant since 1942, which invites eminences from various walks of life to choose—and discuss—the eight records they would bring for a stay on the apocryphal desert island. For the Jazz Museum’s expanded version curated and hosted by esteemed journalist Ted Panken, the presenters are jazz musicians, who will present a cohort of music, of any genre, that was essential in the formation and evolution of their musical personality.