Today In Jazz

Moon Rays

January 13

Horace Silver recorded Moon Rays on this day in 1958.
Do you have one of the movies or television shows that no matter how many times you see it, you are compelled to watch it all the way through every time you encounter it?
Well, Horace Silver’s 1958 Moon Rays, has that kind of effect on us! It’s a wonderful example of Silver’s merging of the best of the big band music he grew up with and the later developments of Monk, Gillespie and Parker. The solos are all classics that you can sing once you get to know them.
Here then, precisely 56 after it was recorded in New Jersey at legendary engineer Rudy Van Gelder’s studio, is Moon Rays, from the album “Further explorations”. Horace Silver (pno), Art Farmer (tpt), Cliiford Jordan (tenor), Teddy Kotick (b), Louis Hayes (d)